About us

We started this company in 2009 as engineers hailing from Berlin & Amsterdam.

Five years later we've released a ton of open source software, are dept-free, profitable, and still privately owned.

Thousands of automated unit tests, system tests, integration tests, visual diffs allows to do two steps forward, and none back.

Our scaling algorithm and Amazon EC2 agreements allow us to spin up 500 machines in 5 minutes sharp in datacenters in the US and Europe. You can set a continental preference, or let us decide what performs best based on the location of your end users.

We love continually improving our scaling, security, dealing with edge cases, supporting the latest formats, and user experience.

We often blog about all of this, too.

Tim Kosch├╝tzki

Tim Kosch├╝tzki has over 12 years of experience in web development, is a skilled programmer and a former contributor of CakePHP. Tim wears all hats in the company, meaning he works on the API service, the scaling, the website, billing and basically everything else as well.

@tim_kos on twitter

Kevin van Zonneveld

Kevin van Zonneveld is a scalability expert by profession and is mainly responsible for the server backend and scaling of the service, but he likes to push for quality and innovation in every other aspect of the company as well. As a developer he has written a ton of open source projects and articles on code & distributed systems.

@kvz on twitter