{%assign stackParam = include.stack |append: "_stack"%} {%assign numberOfVersionsInStack = site.data.stacks[include.stack].versions |size%}

The particular set of {{include.humanPlural}} that you can use can depend on the version of the underlying encoding tools that Transloadit uses for the following Robots:

Transloadit recommends having: {{stackParam}}: "{{site.data.stacks[include.stack].recommended_version}}" in these Robots' Assembly Instructions. We are intimately aware of how important continuity is for our customers, so stack version upgrades are always opt-in. Stack versions are typically supported for many, many years before we start issuing deprecation warnings (we have been supporting "v1.0.0" for almost 10 years now).

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{%if include.type == "fonts"%} {%for version in site.data.stacks[include.stack].versions%} {%endfor%} {%else%} {%for version in site.data.stacks[include.stack].versions%} {%endfor%} {%for version in site.data.stacks[include.stack].versions%} {%endfor%} {%endif%} {%for format in site.data.generated_formats[include.stack][include.type]%} {%for version in site.data.stacks[include.stack].versions%} {%assign highestVersionProps = format[1][version]%} {%endfor%} {%if include.filterkey == "" or !include.filterval == "" or highestVersionProps[include.filterkey] == include.filterval%} {%unless include.type == "fonts"%} {%endunless%} {%for version in site.data.stacks[include.stack].versions%} {%assign props = format[1][version]%} {%if include.type == "fonts"%} {%else%} {%endif%} {%endfor%} {%endif%} {%endfor%}
Name Description {{stackParam}}
Name Description
read write
{{format[0]}} {{highestVersionProps.description}} Transloadit’s {{stackParam}} '{{version}}' supports text overlays with the {{format[0]}} font {%assign readSupported = false%} {%if props.read%} {%assign readSupported = "reading from"%} {%endif%} {%if props.input%} {%assign readSupported = "input from"%} {%endif%} {%if props.input_from%} {%assign readSupported = "input from"%} {%endif%} {%if props.decoding%} {%assign readSupported = "decoding from"%} {%endif%} {%if props.demuxing%} {%assign readSupported = "demuxing from"%} {%endif%} {%if readSupported%} tick {%else%} cross {%endif%} {%assign writeSupported = false%} {%if props.write%} {%assign writeSupported = "writing to"%} {%endif%} {%if props.output%} {%assign writeSupported = "output to"%} {%endif%} {%if props.output_to%} {%assign writeSupported = "output to"%} {%endif%} {%if props.encoding%} {%assign writeSupported = "encoding to"%} {%endif%} {%if props.muxing%} {%assign writeSupported = "muxing to"%} {%endif%} {%if writeSupported%} tick {%else%} cross {%endif%}