{%assign validVersions = include.versions | split: ","%} {%assign numValidVersions = validVersions | size%}
{%for version in site.data.generated_presets[include.stack]%} {%if site.data.stacks.hideVersions[version] == true%}{%continue%}{%endif%} {%if numValidVersions == 0 or validVersions contains version[0]%} {%assign hasAdaptive = false%}

These are supported if you were to specify {{include.stack}}_stack: "{{version[0]}}" in your Assembly Instructions. The recommended version is: {{site.data.stacks[include.stack].recommended_version}}

{%for presets in version[1]%} {%assign lastPreset=presets[1]%} {%endfor%} {%for property in lastPreset.properties %} {%endfor%} {%for presets in version[1]%} {%assign preset=presets[1]%} {%if preset.properties.name contains 'hls-' or preset.properties.name contains 'dash-'%} {%assign hasAdaptive = true%} {%endif%} {%if include.filterkey == "" or !include.filterval == "" or preset[include.filterkey] == include.filterval or (include.filtertype == "substring" and preset[include.filterkey] contains include.filterval)%} {%for property in preset.properties %} {%endfor%} {%endif%} {%endfor%}
{{property[0] |replace: '_', ' ' |capitalize}}
{%if property[1]%} {{property[1]}} {%else%} cross {%endif%}

You can override any preset's setting, such as a file's bitrate, or even the file's format & codecs via a Robot's {{include.stack}} parameter.

{%if hasAdaptive %}

The hls- and dash- presets are intended for use in combination with our /video/adaptive Robot.

{%endif%} {%endfor%}