An end-user reported a CONNECTION_ERROR, what's that about?

The most common cause for a CONNECTION_ERROR is network trouble, such as an unreliable WiFi connection.

Network connections can be fragile. Sending large files leaves a user exposed longer to these connections, which increases the likelihood of an interruption.

The only sure-fire way to combat this is by having resumable file uploads. We are making good progress with our initiative to support resumable uploads in Transloadit, but we still have some work to do. If your app is particularly susceptible to poor connections (e.g. targets clubbing crowds, serves rescue workers in desolate areas, only works with humongous video files, etc.) a workaround is possible so long as we don't offer tus yet.

One workaround is implementing Fine Uploader, which uploads directly to S3 in a resumable way. Transloadit can then import from there. A different recommendation would be to enable things like wait: false, if you make use of the jQuery SDK. That way, as soon as the upload is done, the user is on their way. The window where flaky connections impact Assemblies through CONNECTION_ERROR will be smaller, than when the user also needs to wait on the encoding time.

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