How to Set Up an Amazon S3 Bucket

Sign Up for an Amazon S3 Account

To use S3 buckets, you first need an Amazon S3 account. To sign up, go to their service page, and click the "Sign Up For Amazon S3" button.

Locate Your Credentials

To locate credentials for your account:

  • Go to the service page.
  • Hover over "My Account", and click on "Security Credentials".
  • Scroll to the "Access credentials" section.
  • Your access key is listed under "Access Key ID".
  • Click the "Show" link under "Secret Access Key" to show your secret.

Important for security reasons, we recommend setting up an IAM user with limited permissions as documented here.

Create a Bucket

To create an S3 bucket, use the S3 Management Console online, or use a local client that supports the S3 API. We recommend any of the following:

Make sure to take note of the name of your bucket after you create it.

Create a Template

For details about Templates and security, see our Template documentation.

The following is a simple Template for testing the connection to your S3 account.

  steps: {
    store: {
      robot : "/s3/store",
      bucket: "YOUR_AMAZON_S3_BUCKET",
      key   : "YOUR_AMAZON_S3_KEY",
      secret: "YOUR_AMAZON_S3_SECRET",

To see if it works, upload an image in the Template interface.

For more information, such as how to customize file names, see the S3 store page.