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Transloadit is the world's most advanced file uploading and encoding service.

Transloadit was founded by 3 developers who met through Open Source in 2009, customers have been loving our clever API and top-notch support ever since.


Customers such as Mercedes-Benz, Khan Academy and integrate with us so they can have instant YouTube-like functionally while remaining in full control of the content. Instead of dealing with the headaches of supporting odd codec stacks and running a scalable back-end, they let Transloadit worry about that. This allows them to free up resources and instead focus on what makes their apps stand out.

"Superbly simple and one of the most popular features on Gitter. It even supports cat GIFs!"

— Michael Bartlett, co-founder at

Other customers like Coursera and (Rap)Genius send us large batches of media that need to be optimized for various different platforms (browsers, iPad, Android, etc.). By utilizing our convenient presets and capacity, they are able to encode several months worth of content in just a few hours. This is made possible due to custom AWS arrangements that allow us to scale up 1500 machines at once.

"Having a solution for both uploading and transcoding has been a godsend for the current scale that we're at, 3 years after first choosing Transloadit."

— Jon Wong, Coursera

Together with many of our other high-profile customers, they have already converted over nine petabyte of combined data using our platform.

"I'm not usually one for fanboy-ism (and I've got no relationship with them apart from being a customer), but Transloadit is one service I would recommend without hesitation. Their product and customer support is outstanding."

— Dave Perrett, CTO at Shuttlerock

A Swiss Army knife for Files

Unique to Transloadit is its wide array of features. A few examples:

Video & Audio Encoding

  • Rotate, resize and encode into various formats
  • Extract thumbnails
  • Create a new video from a set of images or animated GIF files and add an optional audio track
  • Create adaptive streaming segments (HTTP Live Streaming)
  • Watermark videos or surround them with a frame
  • Merge video and audio files
  • Replace the audio track of a video
  • Generate audio waveform images (similar to SoundCloud)
  • Concatenate videos, loop audio files, and more!

Image & Document Conversion

  • Crop, rotate and resize via smart strategies
  • Apply effects and watermarks
  • Optimize images, making them up to 80% smaller without quality loss
  • Make screenshots of URLs and HTML files
  • Convert PDF pages into images

And More

  • Scan files for viruses and other threats
  • Import and export via SFTP, FTP, HTTP, S3, Azure, Cloud Files, etc.

Combine Components Like LEGO

What makes Transloadit's platform stand out is the ability to create powerful chains of workflows with it. Our features are organized in 'robots'. The output of any robot can be used as input for a different one, using an elegant instruction language.

Sounds difficult? It really isn't. Here are the instructions you would use to:

  • scan incoming video uploads for viruses,
  • optimize them for iPad,
  • extract thumbnail images, then
  • export everything to your FTP server
    robot : "/file/virusscan"
    use   : ":original"
    robot : "/video/encode"
    use   : "safe"
    preset: "ipad"
    robot : "/video/thumbs"
    use   : "ipad"
    count : 8
    robot : "/ftp/export"
    use   : [ "thumbnails", "ipad", ":original" ]
    host  :
    user  : myuser
    pass  : mypass

You then save these instructions in your Transloadit account as a 'Template' and refer to it in your integration that sends us the uploads. That's all it takes.


Transloadit offers drop-in JavaScript plugins for your website, as well as many server-side SDKs, making integration seamless. Customers have direct access to Transloadit developers to answer any questions they may have.

"The Transloadit crew has built something simple, elegant, powerful and fun."

— Joe Stump,

Open Source

Transloadit is the company that has been running Node.js in production the longest.

Being among the first to run Node also meant that we had to 'invent a few wheels'. With those wheels we have helped to put the world in motion, so to speak. Most notably: node-mysql, node-formidable and node-retry. These Node modules have now become industry standards for dealing with MySQL, file uploads and networked/unreliable systems.

We also contributed a lot to Node.js itself.

Our latest open source project is 'tus'. tus is our most ambitious open source project to date: its goal is to change the future of file uploading.

tus is an open standard for resumable file uploads that was initiated by Transloadit and subsequently collaborated on by employees at Google, Yahoo, the director of engineering at Vimeo, a co-author of HTTP/1.1, and the creator of ZeroMQ.

We are writing implementations of this protocol for all popular languages, allowing developers around the world to have drop-in reliable uploads for their projects.

For Developers

Since we are strongly rooted in the open source community, we try to give back in as many ways as we can:

  • Open sourcing our juicy bits
  • Speaking at conferences and sponsoring them
  • Giving away free tickets to conferences on Twitter every month
  • Sharing our tech in articles
  • Contributing back (in cash and code) to the giants on whose shoulders we're standing, such as ImageMagick, Node.js, and


Plans start at $49 a month. Our most modestly priced plan includes all of the essentials and suffices for most use cases. For larger enterprises there are tailor made plans and SLAs.

There is also a free trial account for any developer who wants to take Transloadit for a spin. This account requires no credit card and includes 2 GB of encoding credit.

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"Transloadit is a great way to save time and money in developer and server costs!"

— Peter Gerard, Distrify