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The New York Times is eligible for a Transloadit Premium Package

The Transloadit Premium Package is offered only to a handful of our most valued customers. These packages are not for sale.

Exclusive Benefits

Your benefits

We highly value The New York Times as a customer. To put those words into action, we would like to offer you a Transloadit Premium Package, containing the following perks to you:


10 GB of free data usage each month

As a direct token of our appreciation, you will have 10 GB of free data usage added to your monthly plan. This means that the first 10 GB you use each month will always be free of charge. Enjoy a free round of Transloadit on the house!


4 hours of free consultancy

We try our hardest to make setting up Transloadit as quick and easy as possible for our customers. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be a little complicated to find the optimal settings for your specific use case. That is why we are offering our seven years of experience in this domain to help you iron out any kinks in your integration and encoding pipeline. We’ll gladly make sure you are getting the most out of our service.


Guaranteed < 24h support responsetimes.

While we always strive towards providing excellent customer service, wait times nevertheless still occur from time to time. As a Transloadit Premium Customer, that is something you will no longer have to worry about. The Transloadit Premium Package also carries with it the guarantee that any support ticket you open will receive a response from one of our support engineers within 24 hours. In addition, answering customers tagged with "Premium" takes precedence over those without.


Hotline straight to a founder

Should it ever happen that an issue or complaint remains unresolved and you feel you have exhausted your support options, the Transloadit Premium Package now also gives you the option to directly contact one of our founders. Whether it is a matter of urgency, a suggestion for a possible new feature, or just a question in general – Tim and Kevin will be more than happy to answer your call.

A small favor in return

Transloadit is working towards building a stronger relationship with highly valued customers such as The New York Times. Therefore, in order to qualify for this Premium Package, we are asking for your endorsements in the following two ways:

  • The use of The New York Times's logo on the transloadit.com website
  • A case study to be published on our blog. Case studies are written by our in-house editor, and only involve answering a few questions on your end.
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