How it works - the typical Workflow

Robots do the hard work at Transloadit. One encodes your videos, another resizes your images and yet another stores your files in the cloud. Our robot family has over 20 members!

  1. Enable a form on your website to use our jQuery plugin.
    Code example
  2. Add file conversion instructions to the jQuery plugin call.
    Code example

Then ...

  1. When a user submits the form, the files are not uploaded to your server, but to Transloadit.
  2. Transloadit then processes and converts the uploaded files according to your file conversion instructions.
  3. The form is then submitted to your server including a field called transloadit that contains JSON with meta data and URLs for your encoding results.
  4. You can then save this data in a database and display beautiful videos and images to your users. Code example

Other Workflows

Besides this typical flow, you can also utilize Transloadit's upload, encoding & conversion technology from Apps. You can also do massive batch imports from serverside scripts, and much more.

You can send API requests from basically anywhere, attach files to them by making a multipart request, or use our abilities to import files from Facebook, Dropbox and Co.