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We offer a robust service that handles user uploads and file processing, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We have converted over a petabyte of media since 2009.

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Upload & Import

We accept file uploads and imports from various sources including mobile apps, webbrowsers, URLs, Amazon S3, Cloud Files, FTP, Facebook, Dropbox & more!

Convert & Encode

We offer a variety of file conversions for all sorts of media including images, videos, audio, and documents.

Export & Save

Export uploads and encoding results to the services of your choice, then save the URLs to your database for later use.

Display & Enjoy

Embed the file URLs into your app so users can enjoy media files with the best possible quality for their device.

Benefits of using our service

Save Resources

Outsourcing file processing will cut costs, save your team from headaches and get your app into production faster.

Boost Performance

Keep your app servers running fast by isolating them from loadspikes related to media processing.

Easy Workflows

String together multiple processing steps to handle complex workflows and tasks with ease.

Fantastic Support

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding and timely support to all our users. You'll have direct access to our developers.

What our customers are saying

"The Transloadit crew has built something simple, elegant, powerful and fun."

Joe Stump as Founder of

"Thanks to Transloadit, Coursera now has a 1-click photo upload!"

Pamela Fox as Engineer at Coursera

"Transloadit is a great way to save time & money in dev and server costs!"

Peter Gerard as Founder of Distrify

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A swiss army knife for files

Video & Audio encoding

  • Encode & resize into various formats
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • Watermark videos & generate audio waveform images
  • Merge video & audio files with several strategies
  • Replace the audio track of a video

Image & Document conversion

  • Crop & resize via smart strategies
  • Apply effects and watermarks
  • Optimize images, making them 80% smaller without quality loss
  • Make screenshots of URLs and HTML files
  • Convert PDF pages into images

We regularly add more conversion features. Suggest one

With integration libraries for these platforms

Besides these SDKs, there are many Community Projects

Integration is really easy

$(function() {
    params: {
      auth: {
        key: 'abc123'

      steps: {
        resize_to_125: {
          robot           : '/image/resize',
          use             : ':original',
          width           : 125,
          height          : 125,
          resize_strategy : 'pad',
          background      : '#444'

jQuery Example

Using our jQuery plugin you can bring the power of Transloadit directly to your HTML forms. It will display a beautiful upload progressbar, too.

Feel free to make use of the many customizations options for design and behavior and make use of the many event callbacks to tailor its behavior to your needs.

Check out our jQuery SDK

var TransloaditClient = require('transloadit');
var transloadit       = new TransloaditClient({
  authKey    : 'abc123',
  authSecret : 'abc123efg'

transloadit.addFile('myimage', './lolcat.jpg');

var options = {
  params: {
    template_id: 'xyz789'
transloadit.createAssembly(options, function(err, result) {
  if (err) {
    throw new Error(err);


NodeJS Example

We have a fully featured software development kit for Node.js to integrate it with ease into your node apps.

On the left side you can see how easy it is to execute a Template of encoding instructions (saved on the website) on a set of local files.

Check out our Node.js SDK

options := transloadit.DefaultConfig
options.AuthKey = "abc123"
options.AuthSecret = "abc123efg"
client, err := transloadit.NewClient(options)
if err != nil {

assembly := client.CreateAssembly()
assembly.AddFile("myimage", "./lolcat.jpg")
assembly.AddStep("resize_to_125", map[string]interface{}{
    "robot": "/image/resize",
    "width": 125,
    "height": 125,

info, err := assembly.Upload()
if err != nil {

Go Example

We have a powerful Go client that makes using Transloadit easy.

On the left side you see an example of executing a dynamic file conversion Step on a local file.

Our Go SDK also ships with transloadify that bundles much of the technology inside this SDK as a commandline utility. Please check the "Commandline" tab for an example for that.

Check out our Go SDK

transloadit =
  :key    => 'abc123',
  :secret => 'abc123efg'
resize_to_125 = transloadit.step 'resize_to_125', '/image/resize',
  :width  => 125,
  :height => 125

assembly = transloadit.assembly(
  :steps => [ resize_to_125 ]

response = assembly.submit! open('./lolcat.jpg')
until response.finished?
  sleep 1; response.reload!

if !response.error?
 # handle success

Ruby Example

Our Ruby Gem allows you to automate uploading files through the Transloadit REST API.

If you run Ruby on Rails and are looking to integrate with the browser instead to handle file uploads, then we also have a Ruby on Rails SDK ready for you to use.

Check out our Ruby SDK

use transloadit\Transloadit;
$transloadit = new Transloadit(array(
  'key'    => 'abc123',
  'secret' => 'abc123efg',

$response = $transloadit->createAssembly(array(
  'files' => array(
  'params' => array(
    'steps' => array(
      'resize_to_125' => array(
        'robot'  => '/image/resize',
        'width'  => 125,
        'height' => 125,

PHP Example

Our PHP SDK allows you to automate uploading files through the Transloadit REST API using PHP.

It can be installed via composer.

Check out our PHP SDK

mkdir "./templates/"
mkdir "./input/"
mkdir "./output/"

curl "" \
  -Lo "./transloadify"
curl "" \
  -Lo "./templates/hls.json"
curl "" \
  -Lo "./input/sample_mpeg4.mp4"

chmod 755 ./transloadify
export TRANSLOADIT_KEY="abc123"
export TRANSLOADIT_SECRET="abc123efg"

./transloadify \
  -input="./input/" \
  -output="./output/" \
  -template-file="./templates/hls.json" \

Commandline Example

Don't feel like coding? Use our commandline tool to watch an ./input/ directory for incoming files and automatically convert them via instructions in a locally saved Template: ./templates/hls.json.

The results will be saved in the ./output/ directory.

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