Halfway through each month, our newsletter for developers: The Dev Times, brings three reads that our own developers found interesting on the web, and two Transloadit updates that may interest you.

SvelteKit 1.0 – The new standard for using Svelte on the web

Starting off the new year with a bang, the Svelte team has recently announced the arrival of SvelteKit 1.0 – after two solid years of development. Built on top of the beloved Svelte framework, SvelteKit intends to bring the same simplicity and ease of use to building web applications. Unlike other frameworks, SvelteKit aims to provide flexiblity in the way you build your apps, rather than trying to enforce a presumed "correct" way of doing things. SvelteKit gives you the freedom to tailor your app to suit your exact needs. Dive in ›

Auth.js – A simple, lightweight authentication library

Auth.js is a simple, lightweight and open-source authentication library that makes it trivial to add authentication to your web applications. You may already be familiar with Auth.js in the form of NextAuth.js, but the team at NextAuth.js has now decided to release Auth.js for all frameworks (which includes support for SvelteKit). Auth.js is built on top of Auth0 and provides a simple API for logging in, logging out, and checking whether a user is logged in or not. Setup takes only a few minutes, so try it out today! Check it out ›

Volta – A supercharged GitHub experience

Volta provides an easy way to manage all your open-source and private GitHub repositories. Have all your open issues and pull requests readily available in a single place. The Volta team also provides powerful automation tools that allow you to optimize your workflow even further, thus freeing up more time for you to focus on work that really matters. With over 500 organisations and 50k repositories that rely on Volta, it's worth a look! Read more ›

Learn how to implement audio watermarking with Transloadit and Uppy

In this demo, we explore how you can add an audio watermark to any audio file by using our /audio/merge Robot. If you're looking to protect copyright on monetized songs that you offer – but you still want to provide a demo – then check this out! By taking just a few simple steps, you can easily protect your files from being downloaded and shared without your consent. Learn more ›

Adding a timestamp watermark to any image

On the topic of watermarking, we've also recently taken a look at our relatively new /script/run Robot. We're showing off its capabilities in this demo by automatically adding a date watermark to an image. Previously, this wouldn't have been possible with Transloadit – but the power of the /script/run Robot now allows us to avoid using an intermediary step from one of our SDKs. Find out more about how we accomplished this in the demo below! Take a look ›