The File Processing Service

Transloadit handles file uploading & file processing for your websites and mobile apps. We can process video, audio, images and documents.

Would you like to save time and money and avoid the headaches of dealing with progress bars, encoding tools and scaling machines?

We convert more than 15 million files per month for companies both big and small

What we can do for you

File upload & import

We handle file uploads from progress bars to cross-device support. You can also import files from URLs, your servers, your cloud buckets, Facebook and Dropbox.

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File processing

We offer all kinds of file conversions, like video & audio encoding, image manipulation, image optimization, document conversion and plenty more.

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File export to S3, FTP, ...

We can store your uploads and encoding results on S3, Cloudfiles and Youtube. And we can export to your own servers over FTP and SFTP.

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The Transloadit crew has built something simple, elegant, powerful and fun.
Joe Stump as Founder of
Thanks to Transloadit, Coursera now has a 1-click photo upload!
Pamela Fox as Engineer at Coursera
Transloadit is a great way to save time & money in dev and server costs!
Peter Gerard as Founder of Distrify