About Transloadit

Transloadit was founded in 2009 by a handful of ambitious engineers, hailing from Berlin and Amsterdam.

Six years later, we have already released a great deal of open source software. We are also pleased to say that we are currently debt-free, profitable and still fully privately owned.

During this time, we have added thousands of automated system tests, integration tests and visual diffs. This has allowed us to make continuous progress, while at the same time ensuring the quality and consistency of our existing services.

Our scaling algorithm and custom Amazon EC2 agreements now allow us to engage up to 1500 machines at the same time. These servers are then ready to start encoding data within five minutes, in data centers spread across the US and Europe. Our customers can either set a continental preference themselves or have us decide what would perform best, based upon the location of their end users.

Since its foundation, Transloadit has worked hard to build up and maintain a varied and satisfied customer base. Our customers range from relatively small, non-profit companies to large, well-known multinationals and they have all come to us with different desires and preferences.

Some customers integrate with us in order to have instant YouTube-like functionally, while remaining in full control of the content. Instead of dealing with the headaches of supporting odd codec stacks and running a scalable back-end, they let Transloadit worry about that. This allows them to free up resources and instead focus on what makes their apps stand out.

Other customers send us large batches of media that need to be optimized for various different platforms (browsers, iPad, Android, etc.). By utilizing our convenient presets and capacity, they are able to encode several months worth of content in just a few hours. Together, our customers have already converted over three petabyte of combined data using our platform.

Everything we do here at Transloadit serves one greater purpose: providing the best possible user experience. In order to achieve this, we strive to continuously improve our scaling capacity, we take great care with regard to any security issues and concerns of our customers, we apply the same amount of dedication even when dealing with the 'edgiest' of edge cases and we aim to always support the latest formats.

Please take a look at our blog section, where we regularly write about these things and also offer any news or updates.

Transloadit: A Swiss Army Knife for Files

Unique to Transloadit is its wide array of features. A few examples:

Video & Audio Encoding

  • Rotate, resize and encode into various formats
  • Extract thumbnails
  • Create a new video from a set of images or animated GIF file and add an optional audio track
  • Create adaptive streaming segments (HTTP Live Streaming)
  • Watermark videos or surround them with a frame
  • Merge video & audio files
  • Replace the audio track of a video
  • Generate audio waveform images (similar to SoundCloud)
  • Concatenate videos

Our /audio/artwork robot Our /audio/concat robot Our /audio/encode robot Our /audio/loop robot Our /audio/waveform robot Our /http/import robot Our /video/concat robot Our /video/merge robot Our /video/thumbs robot

Image & Document Conversion

  • Crop, rotate and resize via smart strategies
  • Apply effects and watermarks
  • Optimize images, making them up to 80% smaller without quality loss
  • Make screenshots of URLs and HTML files
  • Convert PDF pages into images

Our /document/thumbs robot Our /image/optimize robot Our /image/resize robot Our /html/convert robot

And More

  • Scan files for viruses and other threats
  • Import and export via SFTP, FTP, HTTP, S3, Azure, CloudFiles, Softlayer, etc.

Our /file/compress robot Our /file/decompress robot Our /file/filter robot Our /file/virusscan robot Our /youtube/store robot Our /media/playlist robot Our /meta/read robot Our /meta/write robot Our /s3/import robot Our /s3/store robot Our /cloudfiles/store robot Our /ftp/import robot

The Transloadit Team

Transloadit is brought to you by a small team of full-time developers and supported by a widespread network of passionate experts and freelancers.

Please meet our team in order of appearance:


Tim KoschützkiCo-founder

Berlin, Germany

Tim is a skilled programmer with over 12 years of web development experience. Halfway through his career, he became a core contributor to the CakePHP framework. He wears many hats here at Transloadit. This includes working on our API services, bots and scaling algorithms, handling customer billing, and much more. Tim has a passion for German Engineering™, which is reflected clearly in his work for Transloadit and several of his open source projects.

Kevin van ZonneveldCo-founder

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Before co-founding Transloadit, Kevin worked as the research & development lead for a hosting company in Amsterdam. In that capacity, he was in charge of automating business and sysadmin efforts. He also designed web infrastructure for its customers. His expertise on scalability was put to good use in the construction of Transloadit's highly available platform. Kevin continues to improve our back-end as we expand and also loves to engage in product development and innovation. You can check out his blog where he likes to muse about coding and distributed systems.

Marius KleidlBack-end developer

Passau, Germany

Marius is a gifted young developer, who has been taking on some big challenges for us here at Transloadit. His latest projects include tus.io and the coding of our Go SDK. He has also done extensive research on how to best utilize containers in our next-gen application stack. Marius is as thorough in his work as he is quick in picking up new technology. He can often be found engaging with our customers to see how he can help them to best enjoy their Transloadit experience.

A.J. van LoonWriter and editor

Leiden, The Netherlands

A.J. obtained a Master’s degree cum laude in Ancient History from Leiden University, specializing in Ancient Egyptian Criminal Law. He has a great love for languages – ancient and modern alike – and has bilingual proficiency in Dutch and English. A.J. currently works as a freelance writer and literary translator under his own company, Aemulans Writing and Editing. At Transloadit, A.J. makes sure that everything we share with the outside world, be it through our website or any other medium, is able to meet the highest standard.

Harry HedgerFront-end developer

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Harry is an exceptional front-end developer with a keen eye for design, who operates on the cutting edge of web development. Harry has a fascination for computer graphics, live installations and house music. In his free time, he is learning to play the piano and mastering the art of music production. Harry co-authored the "Server Rendering" recipe in the official Redux docs. He is also one of the three developers behind Twitter Flight School. For Transloadit, Harry is primarily working on Uppy, our next generation open source file uploader for web browsers.

Artur PaikinFrontend Developer and Interface Designer

Moscow, Russia

Artur is a web designer & developer, who enjoys having a good meal out on his balcony or at a park. He likes to experiment with growing food and is often working on his home automation robot, which also serves as a playground for picking up new technologies such as React. Artur is a traveler at heart and regularly writes about his adventures. He is a coffee aficionado and runs an occasional pop-up coffee shop that you might enjoy. For Transloadit, Artur is primarily working on Uppy, our next generation open source file uploader for web browsers.

Abdelhadi KhiatiDeveloper supporter

Oran, Algeria

Abdel is currently taking his Master’s degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. A late start notwithstanding – he only had his first PC at age 16 and first discovered the internet at 18 – Abdel has shown great passion and an apt mind for computer sciences. He already has ample experience developing and writing various kinds of software, from web APIs to robotics software, and is currently partaking in Google Summer Of Code, where he is working on the FreeBSD kernel. Abdel also curates the awesome robotics list.

Dan RosenshainDeveloper supporter

Tel Aviv, Israel

Dan is a web developer hailing from Israel. He is currently in the process of launching his own startup: an app that will allow bars and restaurants to offer potential customers a sneak peek of their establishment, from the comfort of their own home. Dan is a great communicator and a man of many talents. In his spare time, Dan practices bodyweight fitness and extreme sports. He is also a frequent visitor of Tel Aviv’s vibrant nightlife. Between bootstrapping his own startup and his numerous other activities, Dan has fortunately found the time to assist with customer support here at Transloadit.

Fahad Ibnay HeylaalFront-end developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fahad is the creator of Croogo, a member of Bower team and developer at True. In his spare time, he is helping to improve Transloadit's front-end. Passionate about CSS and JavaScript, he has been a rejuvenating influence on everything pertaining to the user interface of Transloadit and tus.io. Fahad is always eager to experiment with the latest technologies to produce great experiences for our users. When we need smooth, we turn to Fahad.

Milan VuckovicGraphic designer

Kruševac, Serbia

Milan is a skilled designer hailing from Serbia, who is on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place, pixel by pixel. You can see Milan's hand at work in our new robot logo, and you'll continue to see more of his pixel-perfect work moving forward. Milan is an Adobe Creative Suite expert and you should definitely check out some of his other great designs

Dennis van de WaterHouse photographer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dennis is a very talented photographer currently residing near Amsterdam. His subjects of choice include landscapes, cityscapes, nightscapes, travel, nature, macro photography of animals, and time lapse. Dennis provides the artwork that is used on our homepage and throughout our documentation and demos. We urge you to visit his website to check out more of his amazing work and beautiful photography.

Adrian Sinclair

Baltimore, USA

Adrian is studying Philosophy at UMBC, just having started his third year. He first learned to program about eight years ago – at the ripe old age of eleven – and software has been a great passion ever since. His technical interests include programming languages, Unix systems programming, audio processing, p2p decentralized communication, and game engine development. Adrian also loves to put his skills to the test in various hackathons, and he has taken home prizes at seveal events. You can find out more about Adrian on his blog or over at GitHub. For Transloadit, Adrian will be working on maintaining and modernizing our various open source projects.

Rooshy Roy

Houston, USA

Rooshy (Rushania) Roy originally hails from Russia, but is now living in Texas. Before settling there, she traveled around Europe, Asia and Africa, and studied and lived in Canada and US. She loves learning about new cultures and is especially fond of trying their foods. Rooshy has a background in design and considerable experience in marketing and web development. Having already become proficient in Ruby on Rails, she would now like to move more towards a Node.js and Go programming-focused role, and Transloadit aims to help her with that through our Academy project. In the meantime, Rooshy will be putting her skills in Ruby, SEO, marketing, language and design to great use by improving the Transloadit website.

Ifedapo Olarewaju

Lagos, Nigeria

Ifedapo is a Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. He has worked as a consultant for many different startups and corporations, as a result of which he has been picking up many new skills in various technologies. He has considerable experience with Python, JavaScript, and Java. In his spare time, he loves picking up more technologies and he would like to launch more open source projects, as well as a startup of his own. You can check out Ife’s GitHub here. At Transloadit, Ife is working on maintaining and modernizing all of our SDK’s, as well as making them 100% API feature-complete.


Felix GeisendörferCo-founder

Berlin, Germany

Although he is by now an emeritus, Felix's contributions to Transloadit will continue to be felt for years to come. From 2009 until his departure in 2013, Felix was instrumental in taking what was merely a budding idea in our avatars and transforming it into a profitable startup. He was one of the first contributors to Node.js and continues to work on various other open source projects. Felix is currently working as a contractor, developing software in Go. He remains involved with our team.

Joe DanzigerDeveloper evangelist

New Jersey, USA

In 2014 and early 2015, Joe helped us to spread the good word through conferences, hackathons and various marketing initiatives. He still serves as co-host of the New York Cold Fusion User Group, but also enjoys using more cutting-edge languages like Meteor.js and Go.

Vincent BeckerData analyst

Berlin, Germany

Vincent is an aspiring mathematician and our resident "puzzle freak". Vincent studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science and is currently taking up a study in Mathematics. His academic background makes him particularly qualified to work on some of our more complex mathematical problems, such as the optimization of our scaling algorithm.