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Transloadit’s strength is our versatility. By doing video, audio, images, documents, and more, you only need one vendor for all your file processing needs.

To avoid imposing features on you that you don’t need, we’ve compartmentalized our features into small units, that we like to call Robots. The cool thing about these Robots is that you’ll only have to pay/read documentation for the bots you’ll really need, and you get to combine them to create powerful and unique workflows. It’s like LEGO, but more fun! :D

To create a bit of order across our fleet of Robots, we’ve grouped them into Service categories. Please check those categories below.


Handling Uploads

We can handle uploads of your users directly. Learn more 

File Importing

We are happy to import from whatever storage solution suits you best. Learn more 


Video Encoding

We offer a variety of video encoding features like optimizing for different devices, merging, injecting ads, changing audio tracks, or adding company logos. Learn more 

Audio Encoding

We offer a variety of features to reduce audio size while maintaining quality, as well as add effects like loops or watermarks. Learn more 

Image Manipulation

We can resize, crop, and (auto-)rotate images, or apply watermarks and other effects, and much more. Learn more 

Artificial Intelligence

We offer Artificial Intelligence as a service, so you don't have to run your own AI models or install complicated software. Learn more 

Document Processing

We can process your documents in an automated way, saving you costly resources. Learn more 

File Filtering

We let you reject, or direct files against different encoding Steps. Learn more 

Code Evaluation

We can evaluate JavaScript to create dynamic instructions. Learn more 

Media Cataloging

We can enrich media files with metadata and use them to generate playlists. Learn more 

File Compressing

We can both archive and extract entire media libraries. Learn more 


File Exporting

We export to the storage platform of your choice. Learn more 

Content Delivery (beta)

Want to plug our encoding engine right into webpages? Don't want to host your own content? Transloadit's Smart CDN is here to help. Learn more 

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