Transloadit's strength is our versatility. By doing video, audio, images, documents, and more, you only need one vendor for all your file processing needs.

To avoid posing features on you that you don't need, we've compartimentalized our features into small units, that we like to call Robots.

The cool thing about these Robots is that you'll only have to pay/read documentation for the bots you'll really need, and you get to combine them to create powerful and unique workflows. It's like LEGO, but more fun! :D

To create a bit of order across our fleet of Robots, we've grouped them into Service categories. Please check those categories below.

Audio Encoding

Transloadit offers a variety of features to reduce audio size while maintaining quality, as well as add effects like loops or watermarks.

  • /audio/artwork extracts the embedded cover artwork from audio files and allows you to pipe it into other Steps, for example into /image/resize Steps. It can also insert images into audio files as cover artwork
  • /audio/concat concatenates several audio files together
  • /audio/encode converts audio files into all kinds of formats for you. We provide encoding presets for the most common formats
  • /audio/loop loops one audio file as often as is required to match a given duration
  • /audio/merge overlays several audio files on top of each other
  • /audio/waveform generates waveform images for your audio files and allows you to change their colors and dimensions

Computer Vision

Transloadit offers computer vision as a service, so you don't have to run your own AI models or install complicated software.

  • /image/facedetect detects faces in images and returns their coordinates, or cuts them from the original images and returns those as new images

Content Delivery

Transloadit can handle content delivery to your users directly.

Document Processing

We can process your documents in an automated way, saving you costly resources.

  • /document/thumbs generates an image for each page in a PDF file or an animated gif file that loops through all pages.
  • /html/convert takes screenshots of web pages or uploaded HTML pages

File Compressing

Transloadit can both archive and extract entire media libraries.

  • /file/compress Creates archives of files or file conversion results
  • /file/decompress Extracts entire archives of files to be consumed by other Robots or exported as individual files

File Exporting

Transloadit is happy to export to whatever storage solution suits you best.

File Filtering

Transloadit gives its customers the power to reject, or direct files against different encoding steps.

  • /file/filter is a gatekeeper that can direct files to different encoding Steps based on your conditions
  • /file/virusscan rejects millions of trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats before they reach your platform

File Importing

Transloadit is happy to import from whatever storage solution suits you best.

  • /ftp/import imports whole libraries of files from your FTP servers into Transloadit. No public key authentication is required. This Robot relies on password access.
  • /http/import imports any file that is publicly available via a web URL into Transloadit
  • /s3/import imports whole directories of files from your S3 bucket.
  • /sftp/import imports whole libraries of files from your SFTP servers into Transloadit. This Robot relies on public key authentication

Handling Uploads

Transloadit can handle uploads of your users directly.

Image Manipulation

Transloadit can resize, crop, and (auto-)rotate images, as well as watermark them or read & write meta-data.

  • /image/optimize reduces the size of images while maintaining the same visual quality
  • /image/resize resizes, crops, changes colorization, rotation, and applies text and watermarks to images

Media Cataloging

Transloadit can enrich media files with meta data and generate playlists for them.

  • /media/playlist merges segment files to generate playlist files for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • /meta/write write meta data into any file that supports it

Video Encoding

Transloadit offers a variety of features to reduce video size while maintaining quality, as well as add effects like watermarks.

  • /video/adaptive encodes videos into HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-Dash supported formats and generates the necessary manifest and playlist files
  • /video/concat concatenates several videos together
  • /video/encode encodes, resizes, applies watermarks to videos and animated GIFs
  • /video/merge composes a new video by adding an audio track to existing still image(s) or video
  • /video/thumbs extracts any number of images from videos for use as previews