Open Source

The founders of Transloadit met as contributors to an open source project. As a result of this, open source is deeply ingrained in our company's DNA.


Over the course of the past few years, we have made it a habit to release the best bits of our code to the world.

Being the first company to commercially run Node.js in production, we have had to 'invent a few wheels'. How to let node talk to MySQL for example. Or how to handle multi-part forms. These projects were developed because we needed them in order to build Transloadit and they have now become the defacto standard among the Node community.

We have also helped to shape Node.js itself. Felix Geisendörfer, nowadays emeritus of both Transloadit and Node.js, was one of the first big contributors to the Node.js core, right after its creator Ryan Dahl.

We have released many smaller open source projects as well, such as node-retry, nsfailover, gently and cronlock. All of these components have helped us to continue building more reliable services., an open protocol for resumable file uploads, is the open source project we are currently primarily invested in. Its aim is to change the future of file uploading and it has received high level contributions from all over the world. Vimeo, for example, has already announced it will be using tus for their file uploads.

Besides releasing the software that we write, we also regularly share our adventures along the way. You can find these on our founder blogs (felixge, kvz, tim-kos) and right here on our company blog.


We actively free up developer time in order to work on open source projects. Some of us even work on such projects nearly full-time.


We also fund open source projects through FSF contributions and by sponsoring a few giants on whose shoulders we stand, such as ImageMagick.


Besides funding projects, we also fund the open source community by helping its members to organize great conferences, hackathons and meet-ups.

If you would like to organize a hackathon and still need someone to sponsor prizes (we typically sponsor drones, seeing as we are also the folks behind NodeCopter) or pizza, please reach out via Twitter or