If you run into any problems or simply need help, here are three things you can do to get your answer. Note that problems with our platform are always shared on

1. Check Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the answers to the most commonly asked questions on our FAQ. We recommend checking whether your issue is mentioned before engaging with the other support options.


2. Ask the Community

If you are on the free Community Plan you can get support on our Community Forum or on Stack Overflow.

:bulb: Post instructions, code, (expected) results here, but never post an Assembly URLs or any other private information to public places.

Community Forum Stack Overflow

3. Commercial Support

If you have a paid Plan and a questions about billing, setting up Uppy, or failing Assemblies, please reach out to our support team.

:bulb: It's safe and recommended to share Assembly URLs here.
:bulb: Log into your company account before clicking the speech bubble, this helps to preserve support history for your company across coworkers.
:bulb: For emergencies, also mention us on Twitter.

Talk to a human

We are available through the blue speech bubble in the bottom-right corner and via email at