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Why don't you charge by the minute?

Some companies charge for encoding by the minute. Got an 30min video? That's so many cents. That seems convenient but if you take a closer look, you'll often find different rates for audio, vs low res video vs 1080p vs 4K, etc. Rightfully so, because the computanional costs go up with the size of their inputs.

And what about documents, zip files, images, webpages? They don't have a duration.

We've found charging by the GB allows us to support any kind of conversion with a single $/GB metric. The same rates apply for low res video as they do for 1080p. This allows us to transparently scale our pricing to meet whatever sky-high definition is around the corner - 8K anyone? - without going bankrupt.

Some operations are computationally much more expensive than others, so to accomodate for that, we sometimes apply discounts (we only count every tenth byte for our /video/thumbs Robot) or minimum charges (for each /image/facedetect operation we count at least 1MB).

What do I get for 1 GB?

All of our conversion features track the size of the input file and the size of the output file and count them towards your usage.

Say you convert a 0.8 MB image and the resulting image is 0.2 MB - that is 1 MB together. When you repeat this 1024 times, you will have used 1 GB.
If you also converted a 0.8 MB video into a 0.2 MB one and did this 1024 times, that would be another GB.

The Startup Plan, for example, includes 10 GB for the price of $49. That means you could do over 10000 of such image and video conversions per month for just $49.

If you need to do more conversions in a certain month, then you do not need to upgrade your plan right away. Instead, you will just pay a small premium in that particular month.

Are there any discounts?

  • Uploading and importing of files is totally free.
  • Exporting conversion results (to S3, SFTP, etc.) is free.
  • Audio encoding is discounted by 75%.
  • Extracting video thumbnails is discounted by 90%.
  • Exporting uploaded files is discounted by 90%.

Transloadit offers the "Startup" plan free of charge to open source projects, GitHub Student Developer Pack members, and non-profits. If you are a GitHub Student Developer Pack members click here. Otherwise, please Reach out.

We offer sizable discounts for commercial initiatives that link back to us with: Uploading & encoding powered by <a href="https://transloadit.com">Transloadit.com</a>. It can be subtle, but needs to be visible and not tucked away in a dead area of your website :smile:. Reach out.

Here are some calculation examples for your convenience.

Do you offer custom plans?


If you would like a high-volume plan, a custom contract or if you have a special performance requirement, then we can definitely work with you to figure out a solution that will suit your needs.

In any case, please get in touch!

Will there be any surprises after I sign up?


  • You can change or cancel your plan at any time.
  • Changes made to your plan are effective immediately.
  • There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.
  • You can also configure a monthly spending limit.
  • You are billed monthly and there is proration for the first month.

Can Transloadit host my files?

When using the Transloadit service, you never lose ownership of your content. This means that we do not offer hosting for your files, nor will we charge you for bandwidth or storage of those files.

Encoding results are kept in our temporary storage and you can download them from there. Alternatively, we can export these results to a platform of your choosing. You could, for instance, create an Amazon S3 bucket and have us export the results there. Make sure to check out our other export options as well, such as Rackspace Cloudfiles, or good old (S)FTP.

Which plan do you recommend?

That depends entirely on the amount of data you expect to use. We offer a variety of plans covering all use cases, from the smallest of startups to vast multinationals. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective for you to go with a lighter plan and pay for any incidental overage. If, on the other hand, you are already expecting heavy data usage, choosing a more robust plan will probably be more advantageous to you.

Remember, your monthly data usage can be monitored in your account and you can always switch to a different plan on the last day of each month. Any changes made to plans are effective immediately.

What do you mean by 'concurrent priority jobs'?

Let's get one important thing out of the way first: we will handle any traffic that you send us. However, if you are sending us gigantic amounts of data at once, and expect everything to be processed at the same time as well, then we will need to reserve some capacity. The more data you want to be handled concurrently, the more reserved priority jobs you will require.

If you exceed your number of concurrent priority jobs, we will start queueing the next ones, regardless of what other customers are sending us. Queued items might still be processed swiftly as a result of our large base capacity and upscaling potential. However, if your use case demands high traffic with a real-time feel to it, we recommend that you do not leave things to chance and reserve more concurrent priority jobs.

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