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Start for free — no credit card required. Upgrade when you are ready.

  • Community
    • 5 GB every month
    • 50 Priority job slots per region
    • 1 Collaborator
    • No overage GBs
    • Free uploading & importing
    • Support via forum, email & chat
  • Startup
    • 30 GB every month
    • 200 Priority job slots per region
    • 2 Collaborators
    • Scan files for viruses
    • AI features
    • $1.80 per overage GB
    • Free uploading & importing
    • Support via email & chat
  • Small Business
    • 70 GB every month
    • 300 Priority job slots per region
    • 5 Collaborators
    • Scan files for viruses
    • AI features
    • Turbo video transcoding
    • $1.50 per overage GB
    • Free uploading & importing
    • Support via email & chat
  • Medium Business
    • 200 GB every month
    • 900 Priority job slots per region
    • 20 Collaborators
    • Scan files for viruses
    • AI features
    • Turbo video transcoding
    • $1.20 per overage GB
    • Free uploading & importing
    • Support via email, chat & phone
Enterprise plan


Looking for more? Consider our Enterprise plan.
  • 24/7 priority support and SLAs
  • Up to 20x faster video and audio processing
  • Support on self-hosted Uppy & Tus
  • Add-ons like additional priority job slots
  • Custom Robot and feature development
  • A Slack Connect channel directly to our developers

What do I get for 1 GB?

We sum input & output file size. So, transcoding an 800 MB video into a 200 MB one counts 1 GB. Some of our Robots are free or only count a fraction of the file sizes, though.

What are Priority job slots?

They determine how many jobs you can have waiting in the Live Queue before subsequent jobs will be pushed into the slower Batch Queue. Each plan includes slots that allow priority traffic. A plan with 200 slots gives 200 in each of the three regions that Transloadit operates in.

Using Transloadit saves development and maintenance. Being able to focus on our product instead of reinventing the wheel cannot be understated.
Matt Sumner
Matt Sumner

Frequently asked questions

Are there any discounts?

Yes! Certain robots are lighter on our infrastructure and we can offer them at large discounts, or even for free:

Students and teachers can use Transloadit for free through our GitHub partnership.

Open source projects and nonprofits can use Transloadit for free by placing a "powered by Transloadit" link on their website. Reach out.

Can I use the Community plan for more than one month?

Absolutely! The Community Plan’s included 5GB replenish every month and are free forever.

Can Transloadit host my files?

When using Transloadit, you keep ownership of your content. We briefly touch files and then save the results on your storage of choice (S3, SFTP, etc). It’s straightforward to create an Amazon S3 bucket, optionally wrap it with a CDN, and use that for distribution. Check out our file exporting options.

Do you offer custom payment plans?


You don’t need to be an enterprise to benefit from our Enterprise plan. It has perks for businesses of any size. If you’re committed to a significant monthly usage and you want to get the most out of Transloadit, we’re happy to customize a payment plan for you. Get in touch ›

Is the data volume reset monthly?

Yes. The data limit is reset to the amount of GB included in your plan at the beginning of each month.

What happens if my plan limit is reached?

If you did not explicitly set a billing limit in your account, you will just be charged overage. That means you will pay a slightly higher dollar per gigabyte price than your plan includes. You will also receive warnings by email, which will allow you to upgrade to more cost effective plans when that is possible.

For instance, our Startup plan comes at $49 per month with 30 GB included and $1.80 per additional GB. If you used up 30.8 GB, you would pay $49 + 0.8 × $1.80 = $50.44.

Which payment plan do you recommend?

Generally speaking, the more you can commit to using Transloadit, the more affordable it becomes. We recommend to start with the free-forever Community plan, and level up when the time is right. We’ll contact you when more cost-effective plan upgrades are in sight. You can change payment plans at any time. If your business demands more performance, encoding features or commercial support, choose the Startup plan. If you already know you can commit to 1TB a month or more, reach out for an Enterprise plan.

Why don’t you charge by the minute?

Charging by the byte allows us to support any kind of conversion with a single $/GB metric.

Transloadit handles many types of files. Not all of those have a duration (documents, zip files, images, web pages) and the ones that do (audio & video) are not all created equal. If we charged by the minute, we would need separate rates for low-res vs. 4K. That’s already getting quite complex and it would only get worse when new formats come out — 32K anyone?

We do offer discounts when we can in order to pass on savings. For instance, because 🤖/video/thumbs is very lightweight, it only counts every tenth byte flowing through.

Will there be any surprises after I sign up?


  • You can change or cancel your plan at any time.
  • There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.
  • You can configure a monthly spending limit.
  • You are billed monthly and there is proration for the first month.
  • We have been in business for 14 years and we’re not going anywhere.
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