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Modern Unix

ibraheemdev created this small list of alternative Unix commands that do something better than existing tools. Many of these (ripgrep, fzf) have recently exploded in popularity. This is a collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common Unix commands, plus some really cool command line productivity tools. Read the post ›

Introducing Astro - Ship Less JavaScript

Astro is a fresh but familiar approach to building websites. Astro combines decades of proven performance best practices with the DX improvements of the component-oriented era. Use your favorite JavaScript framework and automatically ship the bare-minimum amount of JavaScript by default. Astro is built with ES modules (ESM) which are not supported in older versions of Node.js. The minimum supported version is 14.15.1. Check it out ›

New GitHub Issues - Project planning for developers

We all need a way to plan our work, track issues, and talk about the things we build. The answer to this universal question is GitHub Issues, and it’s built into every repository. GitHub’s issue tracking sets itself apart because of the focus on simplicity, references, and elegant formatting. You can create issues, break them into tasks, track relationships, clarify with attachments and videos, reference code such as commits, pull requests, and deploys, add custom fields, and have conversations. You can visualize large projects as spreadsheets or boards, and automate everything with code. A newly-presented overhaul of GitHub issues has been built with developers in mind, resulting in a simple, flexible and powerful tool. Check out the beta ›

Uppy 1.30 - Angular integration, granular image rotation, Google Drive shortcuts

Uppy 1.30 introduces the long-awaited Angular integration (beta), granular image rotation and Google Drive shortcuts. Angular integration: Uppy now has an official Angular integration! It's still in beta, so the Uppy team is still looking for feedback on it. The original draft implementation was made by Adam Medford, then finalized, polished and brought to release by Andrew Kachnic. Granular image rotation: The @uppy/image-editor plugin received a new granularRotate: true option that allows for granular image rotation. Whether it's 12° or 59° — simply adjust the slider to your liking. Google Drive shortcuts: Shortcuts are pointers to files or folders that can be stored in another folder or drive. Uppy now supports shortcuts – which you can find alongside your usual files and folders. Check it out ›

Let's Build - Automatic Video Dubber

At Transloadit, our AI Robots can leverage the API of either Google Cloud or AWS to deliver powerful AI without the headache associated with setting it up. Joseph, one of our support engineers, saw the opportunity to write about two Robots we've just released, the /text/speak Robot and the /text/translate Robot. He combined the two into a single project by creating an automatic video dubber. This blog explains how to use various Robots to create a powerful localizing setup tied together with some Python. Enjoy! Read more ›