Today we are thrilled to announce the commercial availability of

If you have a web (or mobile) application that needs file uploading you should consider integrating Transloadit. Transloadit will handle the upload process, resizing of images, encoding of videos, and final storage of your content on Amazon S3 for you.

Our plans start at $19 / month which includes 3.5 GB of usage. This is enough for ~72 video encodings or ~717 image resizes per month.

This project has been almost two years in the making, with over 150 people participating in testing various versions. The version we are shipping now has already executed 55.000 internal jobs, each spawning 2-5 command line scripts on our servers.

We are also one of the first commercial software / infrastructure as a service product built on Node.js. After experimenting with various technologies, we found it to be the perfect fit for our uploading and processing requirements.

Another thing we are very proud of is the ~95% of test coverage of the service's code base. We have an extensive suite of unit, integration and system tests that have already proven incredibly reliable for detecting problems, be it in our code, or changes to our stack.

If you are a long time reader of this blog, we would feel incredibly grateful if you would spread the word about our service to your boss, co-workers and geek-friends.

Otherwise we would be very happy to hear as much feedback, ideas and questions as you can come up with!

PS I also want to use this opportunity to thank my co-founders Tim and Kevin for being the best partners in this business I can imagine. I love you guys.