Case Studies

Transloadit provides a versatile service to a wide variety of customers, from small startups to large corporations, all with distinctive use cases. Transloadit is able to help these companies out in different ways.

Read the case studies below to see what our customers have to say about us and find out what Transloadit could do to help your business!

How Transloadit helps to keep the records spinning at Promo Push

Promo Push offers tailor-made promotion of dance music to an extensive global network of DJ’s and radio stations, helping budding artists to cut through the noise and get themselves noticed. After their initial launch in 2011, Promo Push has grown to be a household name within the industry. As the company grew and more tracks began rolling in each day, Promo Push decided to look for a third-party service to handle their audio uploading and encoding. Read on to find more about the fruitful collaboration between Promo Push and Transloadit.

Powering Major Brands: How Transloadit Supports Shuttlerock's Mission

Shuttlerock is on a mission to improve the world of advertising by helping companies to involve their customers in the creation of visual content and marketing campaigns. As Shuttlerock’s white-label service becomes the power behind the social efforts of an ever- growing number of major global brands, Transloadit handles all of their image and video processing, allowing their developers to focus on the company's core service. Among Shuttlerock’s most important reasons for choosing Transloadit are our flexible and developer- friendly template-based system, our thorough documentation and our excellent customer service.

Transloadit helps to make sure that every day is rent day at Renterval

Whether you are renting out vacation homes or bouncy castles, Renterval makes sure that your customers will have an easy time in finding what they are looking for and are able to swiftly complete their transaction. When the service gained in popularity and massive amounts of images began flooding in, the team at Renterval found that their processes could no longer scale to meet customer usage. That is when they set out to find a simple, affordable and reliable solution – which they were able to find in Transloadit.

Boosting Online Education

Since its foundation in 2012, Coursera has given millions of people access to top-notch education from renowned universities like Standford and MIT – for free. As a result of the ever-growing popularity of their service, the Coursera team began to encounter some challenges with scaling and encoding. Rather than diverting resources in order to deal with these issues themselves, they began looking for a third-party service to handle file uploading and transcoding. Read inside to find out why Transloadit jumped out as the immediate solution to their problems.

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