Exciting news, we have overcome our earlier setback and are now headed for launching on:

Tuesday, July 13

What's new? Well, everything. We rewrote the entire system. As you know, rewriting can be a very nerve-wrecking experience, but we did not compromise on the quality goals we set:

  • Every single line of code in API2 has a unit test
  • Every major component has an integration test
  • There is a suite of 25 system tests

This has turned out to be the best decision we have ever made. A client of ours has been using the new system since June 8, and it has been rock-solid from day one. At this point Transloadit is processing around 100 uploads a day with over 30,000 internal jobs spawned so far. We couldn't be happier.

What does this mean for you? Well, you can already start experimenting with the new version today. We have updated our documentation, and all the functionality is in place. At this point we are mostly working on the payment system and additional reporting tools.

On July 13, we will announce our official pricing.

Thanks to everybody who has helped with testing and provided their feedback!