We've noticed that Transloadit grows fast via word of mouth and obviously want to encourage that even more. So today, we're really happy to announce a bonus & referral system that rewards all those customers who are sharing the love. If you think Transloadit is great and you recommend it to your peers, you can greatly reduce your Transloadit bill.

We give you a unique referral link (displayed in your account) that you can share with your friends. For everyone that signs up for a paid plan via your referral link, you gain a discount of 5% - all the way up to a maximum of 40%! If your friend signs up for the free plan, you still get a 1% discount.

There are two really nice things about this:

  1. These rewards are permanent. Once you are eligible for a discount, that discount will be applied to all your future invoices.
  2. Your invited friends also get the discounts!

And as if this wasn't enough already, we added even more ways to reap rewards:

  • Share your unique referral link.
    Post it on Twitter or Facebook, in blogs, in Emails or wherever you'd like to.
  • Give feedback.
    If you give us valuable feedback, we'll give you a 2% discount.
  • Tweet about us.
    If you tweet about Transloadit and cc @transloadit in your tweet, we'll get you a discount of 2%.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
    Simply by following us you will get a permanent discount of 2%.
  • Put our logo on your website.
    The discount for this will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

This is not just for paying customers, though. People on our free plan can benefit as well by gaining up to 400% additional free encoding data! If you are on the free plan, just multiply the above percentages with a factor of 10 and that will be your free bonus data. So by referring someone you can get up to 50% free bonus data. Giving feedback, tweeting about us and following us on twitter each give you 20% free bonus data.

Once you've invited your friends, you can check in on your referral status for all of them.

Thanks for spreading the love about Transloadit!