File Importing

Transloadit can handle file uploads by your users, but we can also import large media libraries that already exist. Just point us to the source, and we start encoding the files, saving the results back to the original storage solution, or a completely different one. You decide. Transloadit's versatility at its best.

Features in File Importing

At Transloadit we call our features Robots because you can put them to work together to create unique encoding pipelines to your use case.

  • The /ftp/import Robot imports whole libraries of files from your FTP servers into Transloadit. No public key authentication is required. This Robot relies on password access.
  • The /http/import Robot imports any file that is publicly available via a web URL into Transloadit
  • The /s3/import Robot imports whole directories of files from your S3 bucket.
  • The /sftp/import Robot imports whole libraries of files from your SFTP servers into Transloadit. This Robot relies on public key authentication

Example use cases for File Importing

See our features in action with some live demos and code samples right here on our website: