Audio Encoding

The way that digital files are encoded plays a big part in the quality of the audio, and the ability to get the crisp details of the track across, while trying to keep file sizes down. In our audio encoding services, Transloadit offers a variety of features to maximize file compatibility across platforms, as well as enrich audio with effects, loops, watermarks, and more, to get the most out of your (user generated) audio content.

Features in Audio Encoding

At Transloadit we call our features Robots because you can put them to work together to create unique encoding pipelines to your use case.

  • The /audio/artwork Robot extracts the embedded cover artwork from audio files and allows you to pipe it into other Steps, for example into /image/resize Steps. It can also insert images into audio files as cover artwork
  • The /audio/concat Robot concatenates several audio files together
  • The /audio/encode Robot converts audio files into all kinds of formats for you. We provide encoding presets for the most common formats
  • The /audio/loop Robot loops one audio file as often as is required to match a given duration
  • The /audio/merge Robot overlays several audio files on top of each other
  • The /audio/waveform Robot generates waveform images for your audio files and allows you to change their colors and dimensions

Example use cases for Audio Encoding

See our features in action with some live demos and code samples right here on our website: