Describe speech in audio or video files

We offer Artificial Intelligence as a service, so you don't have to run your own AI models or install complicated software.

The /speech/transcribe Robot transcribes speech in audio or video files.

What can I do with this?

Our /speech/transcribe Robot can be used in combination with other Robots, to create powerful workflows unique to your use case. For inspiration, here are example scenarios, with explanations and code for all platforms, that you can also try live on our website:

Our /speech/transcribe Robot allows you to easily transcribe speech in audio or video files. It can...


This Robot supports parameters such as provider, granularity, format to influence its behavior. Read all about the technical details in its docs.

Blog posts

We wrote the following posts about the /speech/transcribe Robot on our blog:


Transloadit is a SaaS with a subscription model.

Our /speech/transcribe Robot counts towards your Plan's data at a normal rate. It does charge a minimum of 1MB whenever it is used. Assuming an average audio or video file size of 2.4MB, here's how many audio or video files you could transcribe per Plan:

Plan Price Number of audio or video files you can transcribe with /speech/transcribe
Sandbox Free 1638
Startup $49/month 8192
Small Business $99/month 24576
Medium Business $249/month 122880
Enterprise 📞 zillions

Just like with your mobile plan, pricing goes down when you commit to larger monthly volumes. When you reach your plan's limit, we'll continue to service you, but remind you to upgrade to more cost-efficient plans. This is unless you explicitly set budgets. You can change plans at any time. More info and available plans on our Pricing page.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • “I'm not usually one for fanboy-ism but Transloadit is one service I would recommend without hesitation. Their product and customer support is outstanding.”
    Dave Perrett, CTO at Shuttlerock
  • “Having a solution for both uploading and transcoding has been a godsend for the current scale that we are at five years after first choosing Transloadit.”
    Jon Wong, Engineer at Coursera
  • “Using Transloadit saves development and maintenance. Being able to focus on our product instead of reinventing the wheel cannot be understated.”
    Matt Sumner, Developer at thoughtbot