The /youtube/store Robot

Our /youtube/store robot

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The /youtube/store Robot exports encoding results to YouTube.

The /youtube/store Robot's Parameters

Name Type Default Description
username (required) String The username of your YouTube account.
password (required) String The application-level password generated for your YouTube account. Note that this is not the password used to log in to the YouTube account. For details about how to generate an application-level password, see this documentation.
rname (required) String The title of the video to be displayed on YouTube. Note that since the YouTube API requires titles to be within 80 characters, longer titles may be truncated.
description (required) String The description of the video to be displayed on YouTube.
category (required) String The category to which this video will be assigned. These are the valid values: "action/adventure", "anime/animation", "autos & vehicles", "classics", "comedy", "documentary", "drama", "education", "entertainment", "family", "film & animation", "foreign", "gaming", "horror", "howto & style", "movies", "music", "news & politics", "people & blogs", "pets & animals", "sci-Fi/fantasy", "science & technology", "short movies", "shorts", "shows", "sports", "thriller", "trailers", "travel & events", "videoblogging"
keywords (required) String Tags used to describe the video, separated by commas. These tags will also be displayed on YouTube.
visibility (required) String Defines the visibility of the uploaded video. This can be "public", "private", or "unlisted".

Example use cases featuring the /youtube/store robot

See the robot in action with some live demos and code samples right here on our website:

Export a video to Youtube

Here you can see a quick example of the Assembly Instructions required to create this encoding pipeline. More information is available in the Live demo

 "steps": {
    "video": {
      "use": ":original",
      "robot": "/video/encode",
      "result": true,
      "preset": "ipad-high"
    "store": {
      "use": "video",
      "robot": "/youtube/store",
      "username": "YOUR_YOUTUBE_USERNAME",
      "password": "YOUR_YOUTUBE_PASSWORD",
      "title": "Some title",
      "description": "Some description",
      "category": "People",
      "keywords": "testing, example"

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