The /ftp/import robot

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Our /ftp/import robot
tagline: imports whole libraries of files from your FTP servers into Transloadit. No public key authentication is required. This robot relies on password access.

Name Type Default Description


(required) String or Array

The previous step

Specifies which step(s) to use as the input to this robot. By default, the previous Step defined above the current one will be used.

Special Step names
A special Step name is ":original", which "uses" the originally uploaded files.

Providing several Steps as input
You can also add arrays here to use several steps:
use: [ ":original", "encode2", "resizing3" ]

See a demo for the use parameter here.


(required) String

The host to connect to via FTP.


(required) String

The user to use for the FTP connection. For additional security we recommend setting up a separate FTP user with a name that is hard to guess.


(required) String

The password to use for the FTP connection.


(required) String


The path on your FTP server where to search for files. Files are imported recursively from all sub-directories and sub-sub-directories (and so on) from this path.


(required) Boolean


There might be an error coming up when trying to extract meta data from your imported files. This happens for files that are zero bytes big for example. Setting this to true will cause the robot to not stop the import (and the entire Assembly) when that happens.




Determines if passive mode should be used for the FTP connection.

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