The /upload/handle Robot

We can handle uploads of your users directly.

The /upload/handle Robot receives uploads that your users throw at you from browser or apps, or that you throw at us programmatically.


Name Type Default Description
output_meta Object {} Allows you to specify a set of metadata that is more expensive on cpu power to calculate, and thus is disabled by default to keep your Assemblies processing fast. You can add "has_transparency": true in this object to extract if uploaded images contain transparent parts.


Our /upload/handle Robot can be used in combination with other Robots, to create powerful workflows unique to your use case. Here are a few example scenarios that you can try live on our website:


Transloadit is a SaaS with a subscription model.

Just like with any Handling Uploads Robot, you can use our /upload/handle Robot free of charge.

Just like with your mobile plan, pricing goes down considerably when you commit to larger monthly volumes. You can adjust this every month. More info and available plans on our Pricing page.

Blog posts about the /upload/handle Robot

We wrote the following posts about the /upload/handle Robot on our blog: