The /meta/write Robot

Our /meta/write robot

Transloadit can enrich media files with meta data and generate playlists for them.

The /meta/write Robot write meta data into any file that supports it.

The /meta/write Robot's Parameters

Name Type Default Description
data_to_write Object {} A key/value map defining the meta data to write into the file.
ffmpeg_stack String "v1.0.0" Selects the FFmpeg stack for the encoding. Valid values are "v1.0.0" , "v2.0.0", "v2.1.0" and "v2.2.3". These versions do not reflect any real FFmpeg versions, they reflect our own internal (non-semantic) versioning for our custom FFmpeg builds.

Example use cases featuring the /meta/write robot

See the robot in action with some live demos and code samples right here on our website:

Write meta data to an image

Here you can see a quick example of the Assembly Instructions required to create this encoding pipeline. More information is available in the Live demo

 "steps": {
    "thumb": {
      "use": ":original",
      "robot": "/meta/write",
      "result": true,
      "data_to_write": {
        "copyright": "Copyright 2014 myCompany"

Did you know?

You can easily combine Robots to create powerful workflows, unique to your business.

This is the power of Transloadit.