The /video/adaptive Robot

We offer a variety of video encoding features like optimizing for different devices, merging, injecting ads, changing audio tracks, or adding company logos.

The /video/adaptive Robot encodes videos into HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-Dash supported formats and generates the necessary manifest and playlist files.


Name Type Default Description
technique String "dash" Determines which streaming technique should be used. Currently supports "dash" for MPEG-Dash and "hls" for HTTP Live Streaming.
playlist_name String "playlist.mpd" The filename for the generated manifest/playlist file. The default is "playlist.mpd" if your technique is "dash", and "playlist.m3u8" if your technique is "hls".
segment_duration Integer 10 The duration for each segment in seconds.
closed_captions Boolean true Determines whether you want closed caption support when using the "hls" technique.


Our /video/adaptive Robot can be used in combination with other Robots, to create powerful workflows unique to your use case. Here are a few example scenarios that you can try live on our website:

Blog posts about our /video/adaptive Robot

We wrote the following posts about our /video/adaptive Robot on our blog:

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You can easily combine Robots to create powerful workflows, unique to your business.
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