As some of you have noticed already - we have just launched a new design, which will hopefully enrich the browsing experience on our website!

Not only have we improved the header section, typography, colors, buttons and what not - but we also added a few new gimmicks here and there. For example you can now navigate to neighboring demo pages of the same robot from within a demo page. We also have a blog archive now and display the recent blog posts in the navigation bar. The docs section has received some minor updates and should be a little easier to read now - also thanks to the new design for the tables. There are a few more, which you should really find on your own. 😄

We are pretty happy with the overall outcome and think it is a certain improvement over our old version. We will not stop here though.

You probably noticed that the homepage was left untouched for the most part. As it turns out, it is very hard to come up with a great homepage on your own, but we'll work on it again this week and see how far we will go. We have worked with SoftFacade - the company that did the stunning HD graphics for SimpleGeo - to design a great branding graphic which will certainly help with improving our homepage. Plus we'll also get a new logo 😄

So, that's mostly it for the announcement. Please leave your comments, suggestions and general feedback. As always, we are eager to provide the best of customer support and that includes making the browsing experience on our website fantastic.