Today I'd like to announce a few changes to our Assembly index page that some customers could already see over the past few days and that are now rolled out to everybody.

The page is now a full screen table and features more information for you to review, for example:

  • How long it took to complete an assembly
  • How long an Assembly has been uploading
  • Since when an Assembly has been executing
  • The names of the uploaded files are shown

In addition to that, we also added a nice new filter system that allows you to filter by type, date, time, redirect URL, notify URL, error message and ID. This will help tremendously with debugging Assemblies. The pagination design also received its share of design love - or so we think 😄

Here is a preview image:

We also finished a database migration over the weekend, which causes the Assemblies index pages to load even quicker now. Please notice that we had no service down times caused by the database migration.

Please let us know what you think.