Pricing is hard, and we have gotten a lot of complaints about the complexity of cost-prediction with our current model over time. We have also found that we need to introduce a small base fee in order to provide our service to smaller companies without losing money.

So today we are announcing a new pricing that is hopefully going to simplify things for you as a customer, and for us as a business.

Here is what we are changing:

  1. We are adding a free plan (100 MB / month), ideal for personal projects or very small sites.
  2. The next plan is $19 / month, includes 6 GB of service usage, and every additional usage is charged at $3.50 / GB.
  3. GB discounts are available by choosing a plan with a higher base fee.

The Transition Plan

Effective immediately, you are being switched to a "Transition Plan" that is $0 / per month, includes 0 GB, and every additional GB is charged at $3 / GB.

If your last bill was below $80, you will save up to $5 / month.

If your last bill was above $80, you should probably switch to one of the new plans (see below) immediately to save money.

You can stay on the Transition plan until March 1. Unless you manually selected a new plan, you will be switched to our $19 / month plan at that point if you were using more than 100 MB in February.

New Plans

Our new plans are as follows:

  • Free plan: $0 / month, 100 MB included, no additional GB possible.
  • Tricycle: $19 / month, 6 GB included, $3.50 per additional GB
  • Bicycle: $49 / month, 16 GB included, $3.20 per additional GB
  • Motorcycle: $99 / month, 35 GB included, $2.85 per additional GB
  • Truck: $179 / month, 70 GB included, $2.60 per additional GB
  • Bulldozer: $299 / month, 125 GB included, $2.40 per additional GB
  • Airplane: $499 / month, 225 GB included, $2.20 per additional GB
  • Satellite: $749 / month, 375 GB included, $2.00 per additional GB
  • Rocket: $999 / month, 560 GB included, $1.80 per additional GB

(Note: Storage and Thumbnail GB count as 10%, audio encoding as 25% of their actual usage.)

Unless you were paying less than $19 per month before, these new plans are generally going to reduce your monthly service costs. You can upgrade and downgrade any time.

Custom Plans

If you had a custom plan with us in the past, nothing changes for you.

Help, I'm unhappy with this!

Pricing changes are notoriously tricky to get right, and we know this one is no exception and we've probably missed a case or two.

So if you have any problem with our new pricing, just open a support ticket and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy!


We have talked to a lot of our customers before making this change, but we can never learn enough about our customers, so feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have.