I'd like to introduce you to several improvements to our site.

First off, we are very happy that the incredible people from SoftFacade designed a new logo for us. To make the new logo feel at home we had to brighten the header a bit and adjust some of the whitespace. We are really happy with the final result and would love to hear your opinion about it. Also, we have changed some of the homepage copy and replaced the integration screenshots at the bottom of the homepage with some real code editors. This increases the experience quite a bit, especially on retina.

The second set of improvements are for the Assembly listing page that is displayed to you when you are logged in. It is now the primary page when you access your account, it's not full-width anymore and due to that it shows a little less info and is more condensed. We had the feeling that it's a better experience to always have the account sidebar displayed. Some customers also requested this.

The actual loading of the Assemblies on the index page also received a few updates. Up until now, the Assemblies were loaded from a much smaller database box, which would occasionally let the loading time out and a blank list would be displayed. This was a horrible experience and we are very sorry about this! This has finally changed ...

We are now using a much bigger database box, making use of Amazon's new RDS Provisioned IOPS, the filtering and loading of the list is done via ajax and we have also added a 30 second cache for the list. All of this makes the experience much snappier and smoother. We hope that you'll appreciated these changes.

A relatively minor but also useful (we think!) addition is the ability to filter for "problematic" Assemblies. This filter will show all Assemblies that either "failed", had their request "aborted" or were "canceled" by the uploader.

We hope you'll enjoy these changes and as always we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas about them.