Crashed Assemblies are Assemblies that finish with the error code ASSEMBLY_CRASHED. Unfortunately they still occur from time to time due to server problems or outages. Only about every 10,000th Assembly crashes, so it doesn't happen a lot. But rest assured that we are working hard on getting rid of crashed Assemblies altogether. This is harder than it seems, though, so we decided we first need to improve how we handle the case when an Assembly crashes.

Up until now, the Assembly would just error out with the error ASSEMBLY_CRASHED and would notify you on the configured notify_url. This is good and all, but auto-replaying the Assembly would be even better. In fact some of our customers have come up with their own replay mechanism. But this should really be part of Transloadit.

We have added this functionality recently. On the new API settings page in your account settings you can now configure if you want us to automatically replay your crashed Assemblies. Once an Assembly is replayable, we'll auto-replay it for you. An Assembly is replayable if its uploads completed successfully or the Assembly only uses our import robot to get the input files into our system. Please note that you should try to use Notifications (a notify_url) as much as you can so that you will receive the JSON results of auto-replayed crashed Assemblies as well.

Also, the program that identifies crashed Assemblies received a few updates and can identify crashes much sooner now.