We hope you are having great day. We would like to announce a change to the way our free plan works.

It currently offers 100MB of free encoding data every month, which has posed at least two major problems:

For one, customers who encode less or equal than 100 MB will never have an incentive to become paying customers. We don't mind giving away encoding volumes from time to time, but it turns out that this customer segment is also very support-heavy. So this eats the time we could have also spent on helping paying customers or developing cool new features.

Another reason is that the 100 MB a month may not be enough to finish all the required testing when integrating Transloadit into your app. Many people have asked for higher amounts of free encoding data.

The new free plan offers 1 GB of encoding data for free. The free data is not given out every month, though, but only once after your signup.

This solves both problems by making sure that customers who actually use our service and want to stay on it will eventually turn into paying customers, and it gives people 10 times more free encoding data to evaluate the service.

The change will become effective on June 1, and the counter that counts towards the 1 GB limit starts counting on June 1. All the data you have encoded until June 1 will not count towards the 1 GB.

Of course we understand that this change might have a big impact on some users. So if you have a problem with the change, please reach out to us and we'll find a solution.