We would like to inform you about a few improvements we have shipped last week.

  1. It is now possible to add a separate email address in your account settings which we will use for all payment related emails. This is nice if your accounting has an email address different from the one you use to login.

  2. We added an Assembly variable called ${unique_original_prefix}. It provides a unique prefix based on the originally uploaded file. That means that files that are conversion results of the same originally uploaded file have the same ${unique_original_prefix} variable available in their robot Step. This is very handy if you want to store all encoding results of a certain file in the same folder on S3, SFTP, etc.

  3. Our Rackspace Cloud Files robot now supports the new Sydney data center.

  4. Fixed a bug so when converting AAC files to MP3, the file extension of the result file is now properly changed to .mp3 (vs. staying .aac).

  5. We have added a preset for OGG audio encoding.

  6. We have started to work on a new version of our jQuery SDK. We'd like to ask you for your feature suggestions and implementation ideas. We want to make this an incredible improvement over the current version. You can join the discussion here, or add "transloadit_tim" on Skype.