Today, we am excited to announce that our Heroku Addon has reached General Availability!

Upload and Encode any file

This means that anybody who is hosting applications on Heroku can now add quick, ease and reliable file uploading & encoding with just one simple click, or command:

heroku addons:add transloadit

Integration is seamless and administration couldn't be more straightforward, because Heroku customers only have to deal with one vendor – you'll never see an invoice from Transloadit.

We began work on this addon nearly a year ago and it has now been tested to satisfaction by 143 beta users. If you were one of our beta testers, we'd like to thank your very much for all of your feedback! We would, however, now also like to ask you to upgrade to a paid plan. 😄

Our Heroku plans are just like our normal plans, with the exception that we had to introduce some Enterprise XXL plans, as Heroku does not support overage. So, if you intend to use 10 TB, there needs to be a plan that includes the batteries for that.

Warning because of this, it could also result in stopping the service for you if you don't upgrade in time! If you'd rather enable overage, consider signing up for Transloadit directly.

You can find more information on the Transloadit Heroku Addon page. If you want to get started right away, check out our dedicated Transloadit Heroku Docs.

Happy uploading & encoding, and if you have more feedback, let us know!