We'd like to inform you of a change that may inflict compatibility breakage. If you are not using our jQuery SDK or if you are using the latest version from assets.transloadit.com, you can skip reading now. :smile:

Otherwise, please read on.

If you are an active customer we've also sent you this as an email.

Our jQuery SDK has been relying on server logic for a long time. The extra back & forth makes things slower than they need to be, while these methods today are trivial to implement purely client-side. Doing so will reduce our server load and reducing round trips enables a faster experience for your own customers.

To facilitate this change, we require all our customers to use a recent version of our jQuery SDK. To double check, please confirm that you are using:

The first 2 stands for our API version. The second v2 stands for the major release of the jQuery SDK. latest means you will accept any minor or patch version that we provide, following SemVer. We recommend everybody to use this, but if you prefer to pinpoint or ship specific versions with your app, version v2.6.2 and beyond implement the required changes.

We'll be removing the legacy jQuery code from our servers on June 15, 2015. This means that versions before v2.6.2 will no longer be supported then. We recommend upgrading your development environment as soon as possible so there's enough time to test and iron out any issues that the upgrade may pose to your integration. We don't expect them, but especially for big version bumps one can never be too safe or sorry.

Aside from this important change, there have been minor bugfixes and improvements to our jQuery SDK, like a improvement to the progress bar design. For a list of versions that we released recently, please refer to https://github.com/transloadit/jquery-sdk/releases.

If you run into trouble, feel free to ask any question and we'll be happy to help.