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Transloadit has been growing steadily for some time now. It has allowed us to sponsor more hackathons, bring new people on board and invest a good chunk of time in tus, which is nearing a 1.0 release. We were able to both cut costs and generate more revenue as well – an increase of 20% in July alone.

We are not taking any of that for granted. Without you, your feedback and your support, Transloadit would be an expensive hobby at best and we would be doing things that are way less fun to pay for it.

We want to wholeheartedly thank all of you, our valued customers, for making Transloadit such a success! We want to give special thanks to our early adopters who have been with us since the beginning, more than six years ago.

Besides sponsoring the occasional meet-up and writing on our blog, we still haven't done any marketing or sales 😱 - but thanks to your loyalty and continued spreading of the word, that has fortunately gone unpunished. 😄

Sharing Is Caring

Since we are staunch believers in karma and 'putting our money where our mouth is', we already share the best bits of our code and make it available to the world. In addition to that, it is now time to share our success by impacting your bottom line as well.

As such, we are lowering our prices today. We will be including more gigabytes across the board, as well as reduce the pricing for gigabytes you use beyond your plan (overage).

All of these changes are effective immediately and will result in a reduction of your August invoice. To maximize profits, please take a moment to check if your current plan is still the most cost-effective one for your usage.

Here is an overview of the price cuts and volume additions that we are launching today:

More Gigabytes Included

Plan Monthly Price Old GB included New GB included You gain
Sandbox $0 1 GB total 2 GB total 100.0%
Startup $19 6 GB / mo 7 GB / mo 16.7%
Small Business $49 16 GB / mo 20 GB / mo 12.5%
Medium Business $99 35 GB / mo 50 GB / mo 14.3%
Enterprise $299 125 GB / mo 190 GB / mo 52.0%

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Lower Pricing for Usage Beyond Your Plan

Plan Monthly Price Old overage fee New overage fee You save
Startup $19 $3.50 $3.00 14.3%
Small Business $49 $3.20 $2.75 14.1%
Medium Business $99 $2.85 $2.50 12.3%
Enterprise $299 $2.40 $2.25 6.3%

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If your business can commit to higher volumes or longer durations (1 year or more), we are able to bring down prices even further. We also offer discounts for brands that would like to be featured on our homepage or in a case study. Request a proposal if this sounds interesting to you.

We hope you'll enjoy your savings! Thank you once again for all the feedback and encouragement that we have received over the years. It has allowed us to aim development directly at what customers need most, and we would be nowhere without that. ❤️

We are welcoming questions and comments via Twitter, Hacker News and mailto:hello@transloadit.com.