Just a quick post to let you know that we asked The Changelog to help raise awareness for tus.

The Changelog is a member supported blog, weekly newsletter and podcast that covers the intersection between software development and open source, and averages between 24.000 and 32.000 listeners per episode.

As you know, we are currently finalizing our open protocol for resumable file uploads. So, to make sure that every developer and interested party has had their change to chime in before the release of 1.0, we are trying to get some extra exposure for the project.

As such, we are handing out some tus swag at conferences, and yesterday, we were featured on episode 174 of The Changelog. For your convenience, you can play it here directly. 😄

Download: MP3 Audio

The tus announcement is at 1:07:45, but if you have time, we recommend enjoying the entire episode as it features a very interesting interview about Metasploit: penetration testing software that helps you verify vulnerabilities and manage security assessments.

Finally, if you'd like to help out with tus, please check out the recent Project Status blog post, which mentions several ways to still contribute.