dotJS is the largest JavaScript conference in Europe, and a great place for developers to meet and learn together.

From their website:

Our mission is to bring the best hackers in the world in Paris to let them share their unique insights with you all. Creators of the most popular open source libraries, JS experts, TC39 members: you can trust us to invite the best of them.

There will be no marketing speeches, no buzzword cover-ups. Speaking slots are not for sale.

Unique to dotJS are their 20 minute tracks:

Short talks are the best way to stay focused during both deep technical dives and general introductions to new exciting projects.

dotJS will take place in Paris on December 7th and Transloadit is sponsoring it! And you guessed it, we are offering a free ticket to the conference again!

Transloadit :revolving_hearts: JS

Transloadit is a file uploading & encoding service. Launched by 3 developers who met through open source in 2009, customers have been loving our clever API and top-notch support ever since.

We're the company that has been running Node.js in production the longest. As such we had to invent a few wheels - that we shared with the world. Most notably: node-mysql, node-formidable, and node-retry. These are modules that are now industry standards for dealing with MySQL, file uploads, and networked/unreliable systems. We have also contributed to Node.js itself a lot.

Great. But what have you written for me lately?

Well, our latest significant open source project is tus. tus is our most ambitious open source project yet: its goal is to change how the world does file uploading.

tus is an open standard for resumable file uploads that has been started by Transloadit, and collaborated on by employees at Google, Yahoo, the director of engineering at Vimeo, an author of HTTP/1.1, and the creator of ZeroMQ. We're writing implementations of this protocol for all popular languages, so that developers around the globe can add drop-in self-hosted reliable uploading to their projects. It's a layer on top of HTTP, so it's easy to reason about, inspect, extend, and deploy in existing projects and infra.

Vimeo has already announced they will be adopting tus for all their video uploading.

The Golden Ticket :sparkles:

So what does the free ticket to dotJS include?

  • Free admission (saving you 189EUR)
  • Talks by bright minds on a wide range of topics
  • Supply with drinks and food

How to Win :trophy:

If you're near Paris on December 7th and would like to attend dotJS, let us know on Twitter and you're competing in our raffle. Done.

Optionally, you can increase your likelihood of winning as the raffle is weighted. Since we're trying to spread the word about tus and Transloadit, we'll reward you cumulative boosts of gratitude if you help us with that:

  1. Ask for the ticket on Twitter: 1
  2. Follow us on Twitter: +1
  3. People who tweet nice things about (t)us: +1
  4. If you are a paying customer of ours: +1

This way anybody is able to triple - and our customers are able to quadruple - their chances of winning.

Let us know before December 1st. Good luck and we hope to see you there! :)

PS. If you're looking to organize a conference or hackathon and are still looking for sponsors, shoot an email to, we love to help.