CodeMotion is a conference that provides a platform for international engineers and coders to exchange ideas, raise awareness for new projects/topics and to share the enthusiasm about all facets of coding. It is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe with an international network of 30.000 developers and 350 speakers. It offers a unique opportunity to all visitors to gather new inspiration.

This year CodeMotion will take place in Berlin, Germany on November 2nd and 3rd and Transloadit is sponsoring it! And you guessed it, we are offering a free ticket to the conference again!

The conference's schedule is online now and the two days will be packed with some great talks from the tech people behind SoundCloud, Wooga, PayPal and other fine companies!

Also, tus project lead Marius and I will attend the conference, so if you would like to meet us and chat about Transloadit, tus or tech in general, just wave. :smile:

The Golden Ticket :sparkles:

So what does the free ticket to CodeMotion include?

  • Free admission (saving you 200EUR)
  • Two conference days packed with talks
  • Supply with drinks and food on both days
  • After parties

How to Win :trophy:

If you're near Berlin on Nov 2 - 3 and would like to attend CodeMotion, let us know on Twitter and you're competing in our raffle. Done.

Optionally, you can increase your likelihood of winning as the raffle is weighted. Since we're looking to spread the word about tus and Transloadit, we'll reward you cumulative boosts of gratitude if you help us with that:

  1. Ask for the ticket on Twitter: 1
  2. Follow us on Twitter: +1
  3. People who tweet nice things about (t)us: +1
  4. If you are a paying customer of ours: +1

This way anybody is able to triple - and our customers are able to quadruple - their chances of winning.

Let us know before Tuesday October 20th, 4 pm CEST. Good luck and we hope to see you there! :)

PS. If you're looking to organize a conference or hackathon and are still looking for sponsors, shoot an email to, we love to help.

Update @cdittmann is the lucky winner of the ticket!