Here's a quick note and some instructions for Node.js Knockout. Node Knockout is a 48-hour hackathon featuring Node.js. It's an online, virtual competition with contestants worldwide. Coding takes place from November 7, 2015 0:00 UTC to November 8, 2015 23:59 UTC. Judging and public voting take place the following week.

This is the 5th year it's been held. This year it's organized by Sakina Crocker, and we've worked with her to arrange for some nice prizes and plans!

Prizes :trophy:

For the winners, we're handing out:

  • Free Kindle Paperwhites
  • Free 6 month subscriptions to Transloadit's Small Business plan

More details.


Transloadit is a file uploading & encoding service. Launched by 3 developers who met through open source in 2009, customers have been loving our clever API and top-notch support ever since.

We're the company that has been running Node.js in production the longest. As such we had to invent a few wheels - that we shared with the world. Most notably: node-mysql, node-formidable, and node-retry. These are modules that are now industry standards for dealing with MySQL, file uploads, and networked/unreliable systems. We have also contributed to Node.js itself a lot.

Using Transloadit in the Hackathon

If your idea can benefit from file uploading or audio/video/image/document/webpage conversion, you can use Transloadit free of charge during the Hackathon.

You can signup for the Sandbox plan which requires no credit card, and includes 2 GB worth of volume. If you need more, please get in touch so we can upgrade it for you - free of charge.


Transloadit supports saving the resulting media to many targets: your own server via (S)FTP, Azure, Cloud Files, and S3. But for the Hackathon, not everybody maybe have access to resources like this.

So we have decided to not only sponsor prizes and plans, but also access to a special S3 bucket. Contact us to obtain credentials.

There are some limitations:

  • It's a shared Node Knockout bucket. This means all contenders can see each others files. Make sure you don't upload sensitive data
  • The bucket's account & contents are available for the duration of the Hackathon (including judging)
  • We reserve the right to remove files or block access. For instance in cases of extremely high traffic or illegal content
  • Play nice. We're aware this shared bucket isn't air-tight in terms of abuse, and we're providing this as a courtesy.

The following S3 operations are allowed:



If you have any remarks or questions, please use the speech bubble on the lower-right on our website. You can then chat instantly with us when we're around, and it falls back to email when we're not. You can also try Twitter and some of us will hang out in the #nodeknockout IRC Channel on Freenode during the hackathon from time to time (look for tim-kos, Acconut, kvz).