Even though we're a bit late, seeing as the two newest Transloadians have already been with us for a few months now, we didn't want to pass up on the opportunity to have you meet the latest additions to the Transloadit team. While we already had the chance to get acquainted during our recent trip to Berlin, we realized that we still owe you a proper introduction as well.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

A Proper Introduction

Alexander Zaytsev

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Alexander is a designer with a passion for showing information in the most clear and accessible way. He loves making beautiful interfaces and writing HTML and CSS. He is fascinated by everything concerning public transportation and enjoys working on design projects related to this topic. Show Alex something done badly and he will be itching to improve it. Take the old tram network map of his hometown Dnipropetrovsk, for instance. Alex completely redesigned it and his version is now in official use. As a hobby, he is also currently learning Hungarian. At Transloadit, Alex works on improving the visual aspects of our website and various open source projects. Have you seen how pretty our integration wizard has become? Yep, that's all Alex working his magic!

Renée Kooi

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Renée is a talented developer who loves free software almost as much as he enjoys a good K-Pop song. He is one of the developers behind üWave, a collaborative listening platform that allows groups to create playlists in a democratic fashion. Renée likes to wind down by playing a few games of Age of Empires II and is also very active in the community that still surrounds this timeless RTS classic, most notably by writing programs that can analyze all the details of your recorded matches. At Transloadit, Renée has been an invaluable asset to the Uppy project and continues to work on its further development.

Welcome to Transloadit, guys!