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How to create a Cryptokitties-style game on the Ethereum Blockchain

CryptoKitties has done a good job at demonstrating what blockchains and smart contracts can be used for beyond financial transactions. The article includes many links to relevant documentation, making it easy for developers of all levels to try and build their own blockchain game. Read post ›

Useful tools for your Node.js projects - 2018 edition

The tools cover such areas as code listing and formatting, workflow efficiency, cross platform application development, and testing. Read post ›

How to break a CAPTCHA system with Machine Learning

Who likes CAPTCHAS? (awkward silence) Let’s defeat the world’s most popular WordPress CAPTCHA plug-in with AI at our side. Ready to convince software that our software is in fact not software? Read post ›

Predictions for the future of tech

Streaming Media is the leading magazine for the online video industry. Transloadit’s own Kevin van Zonneveld is featured in their latest edition of Executive Predictions to outline his vision on the future of tech. Spoiler: open by default will be the way to go. Read post ›

Uppy becoming the #1 open source file uploader on GitHub 🎉

Thanks to your support, Uppy has been getting a lot of traction and at the time of writing, is still the #1 JavaScript project on GitHub for the entire month. Is it still, as you are reading this? Check it out ›