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Introduction to JSON Web Tokens

JSON Web Tokens are an open, industry-standard method for securely transmitting information between two parties. Because JWTs are self-contained and small in size, they are more practical to use than other types of tokens. Read more ›

Introducing Kaniko

Building images from a standard Dockerfile typically requires root access, but that is not always an easy or secure option. Kaniko is an open source tool that allows you to build container images from a Dockerfile without privileged root access. Read post ›

HTTPS for custom domains on GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a great and simple way to publish documentation or a blog. Last month, they had an exciting announcement: custom domains will now finally also get to benefit from the extra security that HTTPS offers. Read post ›

Video-sharing - Vimeo adopts resumable uploads by ‘tus’

Vimeo has recently started using Tus in production, our open protocol for resumable uploads. Read this case study to find out how Vimeo got involved in our mission to fix file uploading for the world. Read post ›

Giving away ten tus.io backpacks!

Transloadit is featured on StackShare. To celebrate, we're giving away ten official tus.io backpacks to readers who give us the best endorsement! ›