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Perfect Pulled Pork with React Native, Expo and Express

Or, in other words: taking a picture every 30 seconds and sending it to a server. This post demonstrates how much fun it can be to hack (vs develop). For once not having to care about tests, best practices, and so on. Just a strict diet of having fun and learning new stuff! Read post ›

Pure Bash Bible

For CLI junks only! Here you will find all the known and unknown built-in Bash features that you will ever need. Using the snippets from this Bash bible can help you to remove unneeded dependencies from scripts and, in most cases, make them faster. Read post ›

FoundationDB - Priority Queues

This article demontrates how to build priority queues on top of FoundationDB. When Apple bought FoundationDB in 2015 for internal use, it promptly disappeared and the distributed database community had lost one of its darlings. To this day, very few databases have been subjected to the ruthless testing that FoundationDB has. That's one of the reasons why we are very excited that in April this year, Apple announced that FoundationDB was being released as an open source project. Now we can all experience this robust tech for ourselves! ›

Our Node.js SDK Now Supports Resumable Uploads

The solution to a common problem! In 2013, we set out to make the world a slightly better place by fixing file uploading for everyone. As of this month, we're happy to announce that our Node.js SDK can now fully levarage the resumable upload capabilities offered by Tus! In the linked (old) blog post, you'll find an up to date overview of our various other SDKs and whether they support Tus already. Read post ›

Uppy File Uploading

David Walsh, Senior Engineer at Mozilla, and well-known dev blogger, wrote about Uppy! He introduces the main concepts and shares code samples to get going quickly. Enjoy! ›