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CSS Battle

Ready to put your CSS skills to the test? CSS Battle is a fun online CSS Code Golfing battleground. Here, players try to visually replicate "Targets", using the least amount of CSS code possible and battle it out to reach the top of the leaderboard. Playing is free and all you have to do is make an account. Let’s go and flex our CSS muscles! Learn More ›

Commit Messages Guide

This article will help you learn the importance of writing good, helpful commit messages. This short but concise guide details the best practices involved in conveying clear messages without your colleagues having to look into your source code. This will help speed up and streamline code reviews, and makes it easier to discuss complex changes that cannot be described with code alone. Check it out ›

Griffith: A React-based Web Video Player

Griffith is a very recent open source React-based video player. Supporting MP4 and HLS video formats, Griffith uses Media Source Extension (MSE) for segment loading. The developers promise both extensibility and reliability from the package and even support non-React applications. Try one of the examples on their repository for an idea of what Griffith can do for you. Read More ›

Uppy 1.0: Your best friend in file uploading

On April 25, after three years of development, we launched the long- awaited version 1.0 of Uppy, our file uploader for web browsers. Uppy fetches files locally from remote places like Dropbox or Instagram. It also utilizes the open tus.io standard for full resumability. With its seamless integration, reliability and ease of use, Uppy is truly your best friend in file uploading. Learn More! ›

React Native, Cordova and Browser Streams using tus-js-client 1.6

A bit less than two months ago, we released version 1.6.0 of tus-js-client, our open source tus implementation for JavaScript environments. Three exciting features have been added: uploading streaming data inside your browser to a tus server, simpler React Native integration and support for Apache Cordova applications. All features were contributed by members of the tus community, which makes the 1.6.0 release a very special one! Learn More! ›