Good news, everyone!

We have partnered with 22 business accelerators and incubators from all over the world to provide early-stage company founders with the world’s best file processing software — for free.

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If you’ve ever founded a company, or are currently ironing out the idea for one, then you know — the struggle of deciding on the right technical infrastructure for your product is real.

We are here to make that decision easier. For an entire year, our partner’s portfolio founders can receive up to $2000 in Transloadit credit for their file processing needs.

Whether your startup is in retail, education, technology, healthcare, petcare, or any other sector, Transloadit can help you automatically process all sorts of files you encounter in your business. Our APIs can be integrated to handle file uploads, watermark and detect objects in images, make GIFs, extract thumbnails, generate audio waveforms, compress documents, transcribe speech in videos, and so much more.

Even if, after a year, you decide Transloadit isn’t quite what you want, the open source technologies that form the foundations of our company — such as the resumable file uploading protocol, tus, and the sleek file uploader Uppy — are open source and available to everyone for free. In other words, you won't have to worry much about vendor lock-in!

Accelerators we're already partnering with

Our partner accelerators in this batch include:

  • 1871. 1871 is a not-for-profit community that helps digital designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs build their startups and share ideas.
  • Abbey Road Red. The only music tech-specific incubator in Europe.
  • Acceleprise. The SaaS focused accelerator backed by leading operators.
  • Berkeley SkyDeck. SkyDeck Berkeley is a research university accelerator that serves as an apex startup launchpad for UC Berkeley-affiliated entrepreneurs.
  • Boost VC. Boost VC is an startup accelerator focused on blockchain and virtual reality.
  • Capital Factory. The Capital Factory Incubator is a seed stage mentoring program for startups in Austin, TX.
  • Capital Innovators. Capital Innovators helps tech startups reach the next level by providing funding, resources and connections.
  • Colaborativox. The Impact Accelerator & Open Innovation Lab,Seed & Growth Accelerator for Impact + Tech Startups.
  • DMZ. The DMZ at Ryerson University is the leading business incubator for tech startups in Canada, fuelling the success of emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Desai Accelerator. Transform your passion into a successful business, Join the intensive 13-week program to help your early stage startup company scale and grow through their mentorship-based model.
  • Fuelaccelerator. Fuel is a 12-week enterprise-ready accelerator that matches growth-stage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) startups with key enterprise partners in order to accelerate the development of tangible technology solutions.
  • Global Accelerator Network. Global Accelerator Network, an invite-only organization of short-term, mentorship-driven with terms-favorable-to-entrepreneurs accelerators.
  • Launch Chapel Hill. Launch Chapel Hill is a best-in-class venture lab and business accelerator located in Downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Make in LA. MiLA Capital is a high-touch Venture Capital firm; We fill a vacuum in the hard tech ecosystem and help hardware founders get unstuck.
  • SOSV. SOSV is "the accelerator" VC, investing about $50 million per year in startup companies.
  • Starta Accelerator. Starta Accelerator’s mission is to introduce startups with East European R&D roots to the U.S. market.
  • Startup Ignition. Perfect space for your next event at a great value. Go to for all the info!
  • Startup Leadership. Startup Leadership Inc is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 in Boston, USA, that is focussed on entrepreneurial education.
  • TechGrind Incubator & Venture Capital. Southeast-Asia's first private technology incubator.
  • University of Chicago New Venture Challenge. Launched in 1996, the Edward L. Kaplan, '71, New Venture Challenge (NVC) is one of the nation's premier business launch programs, allowing students to act upon their entrepreneurial ideas within a supportive and highly rewarding environment.
  • VentureOutNY. We bridge the gap between the world's best tech companies and the world's best tech community: New York City.
  • Women Startup Lab. Women’s Startup Lab is a founder accelerator program, empowering women to be strong leaders.

How can I qualify?

If you are a current founder or alumnus at one of our partner accelerators, contact and we'll sort you out.

Are you (in) an unlisted accelerator?

Don’t recognize any names on the list? If you are currently a member of an accelerator program, recently graduated from one, or run one — we’d love to have a chat with you. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to share how we can support your company founders:

P.S. This weekend, Transloadit is sponsoring the largest 24-hour student hackathon in Scotland — Hack the Burgh VI!

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