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Full-bleed layout using CSS Grid

Back in the day, there was a gold-standard website layout that everyone strived to create, but that was notoriously difficult to get right in a clean way. This was an era before flexbox existed — our tools for the job were tables and floats. In this article, Josh shows us how to use CSS Grid to create a “full bleed” effect. Full bleed is a term from printing, meaning that content extends right to the edge of the page. In this case, it means images could be large while text is contrained for easy reading on large screens. Read the post ›

1Password for Linux beta is now open

The widely popular password management app, 1Password, has finally become truly cross-platform as it launches its beta for Linux, with an official release planned for early next year. You can install it the Snap Store or, if your distro doesn't have native Snap support, you can follow these instructions. Check it out ›

Node.js v15.0.0 is here!

Node.js 15 was released on October 20, bringing with it a wealth of new improvements and features. It packs npm 7 and V8 8.6, which offers String.prototype.replaceAll(), Promise.any() and the new Logical assignment operators &&=, ||=, and ??=. Be aware that there are breaking changes: the default mode for an unhandled promise rejection has changed to throw instead of warn. To download Node.js v15.0.0, click here. You can find the release post here, which contains the list of commits included in this release. Read more ›

Uppy 1.22 - Webcam camera source, Unsplash and maxTotalFileSize

We are excited to announce Uppy 1.22, which adds some exciting additions to our popular open source file uploader. Using the new showVideoSourceDropdown option, you can select from multiple cameras available to your system. You can now also search for free stock images with our new Unsplash provider, and upload them when needed. Finally, with the new maxTotalFileSize restriction, you can make sure the total size of all selected files doesn't exceed a certain threshold. Check it out ›

Loudness normalization

When working with audio streams from multiple sources, each stream may vary in volume, which means that merging audio streams can result in a jarring output. Fortunately, Transloadit can help you to negate this issue. In this demo, we show you how to use FFmpeg's loudnorm filter on our platform in order to equalize the volume of different audio streams. Read more ›